Saturday, August 22, 2009

4 months old!!!

Today My little man is 4 months old! and on this date one year ago today I found out I was pregnant!
I bought some rice cereal the other day and I'm thinking about starting him on it today!!!
Dylan's development! well he's is pulling himself into the sitting position. and loves jumping around in his jumpperoo! will be making a video of that soon! and everything goes stright in his mouth, he has his favourite people and when he wants something he has his own way of letting you know!!!
I'm not looking foward to Friday it's needle time again! although he got along great with his first set I still get worried!
Dylan took in his first Parade yesterday and boys oh boys did he enjoyed it!
He wasn't one bit shy of the clowns or afraid of the loud sounds.In this shot he looks as if he's thinking oh no a giant Grover!!! if you want to see more of the parade check out Dylan's very own flickr site

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peigirl said...

what a handsome little man Dylan is (((hugs and kisses))) from auntie shirley!!!