Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've been busy

I didn't mean to neglect the blog this long, but there's this little guy who's been keeping me very busy.
Motherhood has gone pretty much the way I had imagined it would, constant spit-up endless dirty diapers and piles and piles of laundry, this little dude goes through about 6 outfits a day.

My little man is 8 weeks old, and everyday he amazes me. He has started rolling over, smiling back at me, cooing all the time, he still keeps me up at night I get by on about 4 hrs of sleep a night, He rarely sleeps during the day... thank God for the baby swing and Nana's arms, or I'd get nothing done!

Dylan at 4 weeks Dylan at 8 weeks.

He is messy, but he sure is cute, especially since he started smiling. Makes all that laundry worthwhile!

P.S. I got my hair done today, home dye job gone very wrong... $150.00 and 2 hrs at the hairdresser and still not happy with it!


peigirl said...

omgosh Cari same thing happened to Taylor with the hair it must run in the blood about home dye in the end it costs big bucks lol sorry for laughing but can't help it got to say you have a wonderfulllllll beautiful son there he is a real living doll he will bring you much happiness and some tears along the way God Bless you and Dylan
all my love auntie Shirley(((hugs and kisses to you and Dylan)and thank you for the card and beautiful picture GBU

peigirl said...

oh forgot to say loveeeeeeee the hair