Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This is our 2nd Christmas in our new home but this is the first time we put up a tree we got it on Sunday and decorated it yesterday.

I was over at Mom's on Saturday and we did our x-mas baking more about that over on "What's cooking?"

I got my appointment for the ultrasound that will tell us what we are having it's on January the 5th. I'm so excited!!!


Stephanie said...

I like all of the lights on the tree. Our tree already has the lights on it and they are clear. I miss the variety that the different colors bring to the tree.

peigirl said...

I just love your tree it is so pretty with the colored lights can't wait either for the big news
love ya shirley

Cari said...

Thanks :D I cannot wait either!!