Tuesday, November 25, 2008

List of buy and skip

On the advice of Red Dirt Mama here is her list of some must haves and the things you can go without!
I've highlighted the stuff I already have.

1. Crib - mattress.
2. Stroller
3. Highchair
4.Baby Bjorn
5. Bouncer/Seat
6. Mr Whoozit
7. Animal Kisses book
8. Baby monitor

1. Swing
2. Bassinet (I just had to have one)
3. Jumper ( I have Nates jumperroo)he loved it.
4. Wipe warmer,
5. Toys - they won't know the difference between baby Einstein and Tupperware.
6. Music CDs- your ability (or lack thereof) to carry a tune is irrelevant for the baby that loves his mother's voice - sign a song mama
7. DVDs/Movies
8. Video monitors/motion sensors

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